Typemill Plugins

Embed External Content

With this plugin, you can embed external content from the popular platforms YouTube, Vimeo, Google Maps, and SoundCloud. More platforms will be added on request. This plugin requires a MAKER-license.

How To Use

First go to the plugin settings and activate the platforms that you want to use.

The plugin utilizes the shortcode feature. To integrate external content, click the shortcode button in the visual editor and select the "embed"-shortcode. Then copy and paste the url to a video, a map, or an audio-stream into the url field.

screenshot of the embed shortcode dialogue

Typemill does not allow to integrate iframes directly. Instead it uses the urls and constructs the iframes with the embed-apis (if available) of with its own logic. Examples for links are:

Example for a YouTube link:

Example for a Google Maps link:,13.3764164,18z/data=!3m1!5s0x47a851c6f6399a69:0xcda158542550640e!4m6!3m5!1s0x47a851c655f20989:0x26bbfb4e84674c63!8m2!3d52.5162746!4d13.3777041!16zL20vMDE0a2Y4?entry=ttu

Please not that Typemill only supports google maps single places. It does not support routes or anything else.

Example for a Vimeo link:

Example for a SoundCloud link:

The shortcode will return an error message if the link was wrong.

Privacy Option

You can activate and customize a privacy feature in the plugin settings. If the privacy feature is active, then the embedded media are not automatically loaded in the frontend. Instead, a box is shown with the title of the platform and a link to the privacy policy of the platform. The embedded content is loaded if the user clicks the button. The user has to agree to each platform individually. Once the user agreed to a platform, then the media from this platform will always be loaded directly in future.

You can adjust the text-elements of the privacy box in the plugin settings, for example if you want to translate them into the language of the website.

screenshot of the privacy settings of the embed plugin