eBook Products

With the plugin you can create one or many product boxes for your eBooks and integrate them with a shortcode to and page.

How it works

After activation you will see a new navigation-item called "ebookproducts" in the settings. There you can add one or more product-data for your eBook-box:

screenshot of the ebook product plugin

Simply add an individual ID to create a new product. Then fill out the forms with a title, description, image, two file-downloads and two alternative buttons. After that you can integrate the product box in any page with the following shortcode:

[:ebookproduct id="yourproductid":]

A download-box appear. The logic of the buttons is as follows:

  • If the user has the right to download the file, then the download button with the label will appear.
  • If the user has not the right to download the file, then the alternative link-buttons will appear.

You can combine the ebookproduct with the register-plugin and create some alternative links for users without access, for example:

  • A link to the register-page like /tm/register.
  • A link to an external ebook shop like Amazon so the user can buy your eBook without a registration on your website.

Here is a demonstration of the plugin on YouTube. The plugin-demonstration starts at minute 14, but if you want to understand all publishing features of Typemill and if you want to see how you can build a whole publishing pipeline, then I recommend to watch the whole video.


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Version 1.1.0

  • Added a registration for the shortcode in visual editor.
  • Added error and success responds
  • Added input validation

How to install

  • Download the Typemill CMS
  • Download this plugin (zip).
  • Unzip the plugin.
  • Upload the plugin to the plugin-folder of your Typemill installation.
  • Login to your Typemill installation.
  • Go to settings -> plugins and activate your plugin.