Analytics Plugin

Add Matomo, Fathom, or Google Analytics to your website with this simple plugin.

The plugin integrates the tracking scripts at the bottom of the page. Right now you can choose between the free and open source tracking software Matomo, Fathom Analytics, and Google Analytics.

Matomo Analytics

If you care about data privacy, open source, and self hosted software, then Matomo is a recommended solution. You can download Matomo and install it on your own server. Matomo combines a modern design with powerful features and a very intuitive admin interface. The dashboard shows all important key metrics for a standard website and can be customized with drag & drop. Administrators can also use advanced features like segmentation or goal tracking without the need of coding or scripting.

The plugin requires two information:

  • The url to your Matomo installation.
  • The ID of your site in Matomo.

You can also disable cookies for matomo.

It is not possible to integrate the iFrame with the opt-out-feature into a page right now. But you can simply link to the opt-out-feature of your matomo-installation. The link should look similar to this one:

Fathom Analytics

If you do not want to self-host your own analytics software but still need a good privacy solution, then Fathom Analytics might be a good option. Simply add the fathom-url and your fathom-id. The fathom integration has been added by Andreas Zettl.

Google Analytics

Matomo is a perfect option if you care about privacy and usability. However, many webmasters use Google Analytics, just because they do not want to host another software. Just add your Google Site ID into the plugin configurations and you are ready to go.


Found a bug? Or do you want to contribute some improvements? You can find the repository on . Create a pull request or open a new issue if you found a bug.

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Version 1.2.0

  • Added fathom analytics (Andreas Zettl).
  • Added matomo-option for cookie-free tracking.
  • Reordered plugin-settings with fieldsets.

How to install

  • Download the Typemill CMS
  • Download this plugin (zip).
  • Unzip the plugin.
  • Upload the plugin to the plugin-folder of your Typemill installation.
  • Login to your Typemill installation.
  • Go to settings -> plugins and activate your plugin.