The Tag Filter Plugin

This plugin adds categorized tags to your pages and a filter for your articles in the frontend.

How it works

The plugin will add a new tab to each page where you can enter one or more categories and a comma separated list of tags for each category. It makes use of the custom fields:

screenshot of the tab with the categories and tags

In the frontend you can add a filter-page to the startpage or any subpage. The user can filter your articles there by categories and tags like this:

Screenshot of the filter page in frontend

You can see a live example of this plugin here:

The plugin requires a very careful editing. It does not support a search as you type for existing tags or categories, so variants and typos can quickly produce chaos. Check the results on the filter page in the frontend as often as possible so that you can identify errors quickly.

How to install

  • Download the Typemill CMS
  • Download this plugin (zip).
  • Unzip the plugin.
  • Upload the plugin to the plugin-folder of your Typemill installation.
  • Login to your Typemill installation.
  • Go to settings -> plugins and activate your plugin.