How to Add a Plugin

You are a plugin developer and want to add your Typemill-plugin to the plugin-directory? This is how it works:

  • Read the Typemill documentation for plugin-developers.
  • Create a GitHub-Repository for your plugin.
  • When your plugin is ready, then contact me via E-Mail or via GitHub. I will test the plugin and add it to the plugin-directory.

Please note that Typemill has a focus on non-technical users and aims to be small by size. This why the zip-files with the plugins should not contain any developer specific files, like git, composer, tests, demo-files, or something similar.

I use a build process to create those zip-files. To exclude non-neccessary files, you can exclude them in a simple build.txt file with a comma-separated list of file-names like this:


Paypal Support Button

There is no "store" for plugins, but you can add a support button for your Paypal account in your plugin configuration file like this:

amount: 10

You can add any amount you want. We hope that many users will understand that open source needs some financial support to be sustainable in the long run.

Readme File

Please add a file with a plugin description so we can add your description to the directory easily. We will check your description and won't publish it, if it is offensive or inappropriate in other ways.

It is totally fine to add a description and link to your commercial service or support, so feel free to get some benefits for your contributions. We will check the links for inappropriate content and decide individually of course.